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The ultimate planning guide to a making a conservatory

People with conservatories they can’t use for most of the year, should ask themselves a few questions before they start throwing rocks.

conservatory roof optionsThe humble British conservatory has botanical origins, and simply wasn’t conceived for the purpose of enjoying a cup of tea under. The surrounding glass was designed to insulate from the outside rain, wind and cold, while magnifying the sun’s heat and maintaining high temperatures. Unfortunately this is why any time you wish to enjoy your conservatory during the summer, you are either forced outside or back into the house. These are some important tips to consider when designing or planning out your conservatory.


Probably the most important aspect to consider, and so should be decided first. What do you want from your conservatory? Conservatories have such a diverse range of potential uses that the options are almost endless. Do you want to entertain, dine, relax, getaway or even garden in there? The ambition of many home owners is that they would like their conservatory to just be an extension of their home, like any other room in the house!

conservatory roof options

For entertaining you’ll want plenty of seating so you’ll need a big and roomy enough conservatory to house all the people.

For some the temptation of dining under the stars while still in the comfort of your home is one not to be missed. A conservatory is a great place to sit and enjoy breakfast at any time of the year, and some well placed lighting can make it even more enjoyable by night!

conservatory roof options

We think that the perfect modern adaptation of a conservatory is the ‘get-away’ room, a place where you can escape the World, stick your feet up and breathe easy. With just the odd garden visiter intruding on your privacy, pack your conservatory with a couple of big comfortable chairs and take it easy. The added insulation of a Guardian Warm Roof will keep you at the temperature comfortable to you, and it will also reduce noise that might disturb your peace.

conservatory roof options

If you’re looking for complete integration of the conservatory with the rest of your home, you could be brave enough to go open plan! Open up your home in to the conservatory to make the perfect meeting point of house to garden. You’ll hardly remember you have a conservatory.

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